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We are professionals in robotics, software development, design, marketing and more

The robot was demonstrated on exibition GITEX'2020 in Dubai, UAE
September 2020
In December, we presented this prototype at the international exhibition GITEX 2020 in Dubai and turned out to be the only startup that presented development in this class robots.
The first working robot was created
The first prototype of Trolley Management System was
November 2020
December 2020
We're preparing for the secret project, stay tuned!
In the fall of 2020, we got together and decided to develop and produce service robots to help medical workers - on our own software and our own hardware.
In a couple of months, we made a prototype of a delivery robot for use in a hospital: the robot automatically transports drugs and biomaterials inside the hospital.
To date, we have received confirmation of interest in our project and detailed feedback from several clinics and are working to improve the characteristics of our robot and create a new model according to customer requirements.


Developer of self-driving systems
Fullstack developer

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Developer of self-driving systems

Tasks we are working on:

  • navigation, motion planning;
  • robot decision core;
  • integrations with customer's infrastructure (elevators, doors);
  • robots interaction system(hive behaviour).

We are looking for person, who:

  • Good classic algorithm and data structures;
  • ROS development experience (Python or C++);
  • ROS development pipeline understanding including simulators like Gazebo;
  • flexible and creative approach to find best solution;
  • single as well as team work.
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Fullstack developer

Tasks we are working on:

  • Integrations with customer's infrastructure (elevators, doors);
  • Orders planning and robot task management system;
  • robots interaction system(hive behaviour);
  • building whole big robot ecosystem;
  • DevOps and infrastructure support while it's not too big.


  • web application experience;
  • Python (Flask, Django) skills as a bonus;
  • Basic database knowledge;
  • flexible and creative approach to find best solution;
  • Basic web-applications lifecycle management skills;
  • single as well as team work

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